dimanche 24 octobre 2021

I will increase speed up performance wordpress website optimization for $10

Don't waste any more time searching! I will increase the speed of your WordPress website to 80+ in PageSpeed Insight and Gtmetrix!Do you want to have a VERY fast Wordpress website and reach Google's top positions MUCH FASTER?Each day, Google considers the speed of the site an important factor for the ranking! This means that faster sites tend to receive more visits and the bounce rate is lower compared to slow sites! --You will no longer find professionals who do this service for the same price on the market! - √ I will optimize both the mobile version and the desktop version of your website! √ It doesn't matter if you use Elementor, Divi or another website builder! √ I will study the structure of your website and apply the best method possible! Note: The value of #10 is only for optimizing the desktop version, above 60+, in Google PageSpeed Insights!Add the extras for maximum speed! See an example:demo

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I will give you simple funny and hard tic tac toe for $30

simple and hard tic tac toe game for PC player VS PC it has AI in which: the PC try to collect 3 O in one line the PC try to block you from win   player (X) colored by blue PC (O) colored by green when a player(X) or PC(O) wins, all the game will color by white except the 3 collected (X) or (O) will color by red as in the picture   it is very hard to win but if you make a triangle or L (shape if PC play at one of two places you still have another place to win) that is the only method to win except that it will block you and you won't win  the game cost 30 Dollar 

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I will create 100 high da SEO profile backlinks manually for $5

Profile Backlinks are very helpful and workable for your URL and rank search first keyword. I will Manually Create 100 High PR Profile Dofollow Backlink For your site (High Authority) I Guarantee you will love my service , Order now! For just $5, there's nothing to lose I will create High PR, High DA PA and Quality Dofollow links to your website for Rank Higher in Search Engine. This is the best Search Engine technique to rank your website Top on SERP. Why My SERVICE : 100% Extremely Friendly with Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. Full report in Excel sheet Satisfaction guaranteed 100 % Money back guaranteed ( Case of unsatisfied) White Hat 100% Manual Backlink 100% UNIQUE IPs 24/7 Customer Support Extremely High DA 50 - 100 links WHAT I NEED FROM YOU ? Websites URL Keywords Short Description

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I will create 70 niche relevant low obl blog comment backlinks for $5

★PLEASE MESSAGE ME BEFORE PLACING ORDER ★ Hi! Are you looking for high quality Niche Relevant blog comments? Then you are at right place. Because I will provide high quality niche related backlinks? I'm hard working SEO Specialist with 5+ years of successful experience in SEO.Improve Your Website Google Rankings by making high authority backlinks related to your niche good Domain Authority and spam free sites.In Niche Relevant blog commentsis one of best and reliable powerful link building method in OFF PAGE SEO What I offer: Niche Relevant Commenting Google Index Guaranteed 100% Low Obl No Spamming 100% Manual Work Genuine Traffic Do Follow Backlink Seo Friendly 100% Approved Comments High DA ,PA Variety Of Domains Unlimited Urls Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want sample links

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I will do 90 do follow backlinks high pa da blog comments for $10

USING LATEST STRATEGY (2K21) I will create 90 dofollow backlinks high PA DA blog comments You will get 90 High Quality & 100% permanent DoFollows from High PR Webpages! Dofollow blog comment backlinks are the best option in your munitions stockpile if you wish to get a topnotch search engine ranking. These are the links that users as well as the search engines process. Pasting these links in the comment section of a blog post with will lead the users as well as the search engines to your site. The traffic shall boost and the search engine would value your site better. If the process is handled smartly backlinks can get your site the top ranking at google. ★★★ HIGHEST QUALITY ★★★ 100% Dofollow, 100% Approved sites. High DA Websites Don't Use Any Automated Software 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed No Spammy Backlinks Top Quality Domains Unlimited URLs and KEYWORDS accepted Free Unlimited Revision until you get Fully Satisfied ORDER NOW!

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I will provide 220 high quality unique domain blog comment with high da pa for $10

Hello Beloved Buyer.Good to see you at my gig hopefully you are fine I hope that you want the best quality unique blog comment which may help your website in ranking fast. I do not use any software or tool. Because I believe in Manual work. Nowadays unique blog comment is a famous backlink that really helps in ranking websites What will you get? Dofollow Backlinks High authority SEO backlinks Unlimited Keywords & URLs All Languages Acceptability 100%Spam free 100% money-back guarantee No tool will be used 24/7 support 100% Low Obl 100% Manual Work Genuine Traffic High DA, PA illegal, Porn, gambling, and drug websites are not allowed. Please contact me before placing an order and I am friendly you can ask any question friendly.

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Premium Quality 25,000 Keyword Targeted Web Traffic for $5

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